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Our menu of facial and body treatments are geared for both men and women. We use all H2T dermodality products to ensure maximum results. We use and love H2T because all of their products have active ingredients which are proven to help improve different skin conditions.

The Burgundy Room Signature | $85 

TBR Signature Facial uses H2T pumpkin peel along with microdermabrasion. The pumpkin peel exfoliates the skin while improving texture and tone. Microdermabrasion is a light cosmetic procedure that uses a mechanical medium for exfoliation to gently remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis. Great for Keratosis Polaris, thick skin, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines.

Back Treatment | $150 with Micro | $180

 Your back needs love too! It is very important to keep up with this area of our body since we can not easily access it. Our back treatment is a thorough cleanse followed by a sugar scrub exfoliants, a relaxing massage, and finishing with prescription blending masque to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Timeless Beauty (for aging skin 30+) | $90

This is an intense facial geared for aging, dull skin. Packed with hyaluronic acids and anti wrinkle serums. After this facial your skin will feel revived and rejuvenated. Nourished and pumped with vitamins. 

Express Facia| | 30 mins | $50

If you are always busy like most of us are, this facial is ideal for you! Come stop in on your lunch break and relax while we bring life back to your skin and send you on your way ready to conquer the world

Foot Treatment | $65 

This treatment uses H2T pumpkin peel to target dry, scaly, rough, cracked skin. Leaving your feet silky smooth and hydraed..

Microdermabrasion with custom mask | $65

-Neck $15
-Decolette $25
-Arms $40
-Back $50
-Legs $75

Wart Removal | $25

This treatment usually takes 5 - 10 Treatments to get rid of the entire wart.